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MIXED MEDIA      60/90cm each

Until recently I have thought that the places closest to paradise on earth are in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, my garden in the Banat Mountains in Western Romania. I have thought that the mapping of my paradises was accomplished. But now I have discovered yet another one that has earned the merits to be added to the list of my edenesque horti: Convento Sao Francisco, Mertola, Alentejo, Portugal.

The Zwanikkens left Netherlands many years ago in search of a piece of land that corresponded to their life philosophy and after a long journey through South Europe they settled in Mertola, transforming the aridity and forgotteness into an oasis of peace and inspiration with an impressing flora and fauna.

Geraldine, Louis and Christiaan have marvellous minds, souls and hands.

To explore in a poetic way landscape and people was my goal. Now I have a good elementary documentation about the Convento`s garden and Mertola, serving my art work for a new chapter of creation. This study of intrinsic values in such geographical points have given me the chance to premeditate my future work. The interaction between past-present knowledge admits projection and wish, vision and coordination, intensity and balance.

My proposal this time was to use “just” white and green in visual birches translations.
Next time, and my dreams about a next time are already present, I would like to concentrate on a book about the Convento`s garden.

With gratitude to the Zwanikkens,

Elisabeth Ochsenfeld