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1980 M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics from J.W.Goethe-University, Frankfurt/M
1983 ”Staatliche Prüfung Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, Deutsch und Englisch“
Hessisches Kultusministerium Wiesbaden
Duly sworn and authorized, state – examined interpreter and translator for German and English. Being duly sworn inter alia means that I must not divulge any subject matter I deal with in the line of my work to anyone unless specifically authorized by my sponsor(s). I am under oath 7/24, by virtue of my qualification.

For 25 years now I have been working as a free-lance simultaneous interpreter from German into English for various qualitative market research companies.
The topics are many and extremely varied, my preferred metaphor is “from automotive to Zyprexa” via literally any type of consumer goods and services, including of course erectile dysfunction and … menopause, diapers for the young and the elderly.
Since 1983 I have interpreted approx. 120 different market research projects per year, keeping me busy around 200 work days p. a. I have grown accustomed to having to make sense of the not-so-disciplined focus group discussion involving youngsters, to the in-depth one-on-one probe of the survivor of 24 years of HIV etc.
I have worked in all the major German cities, but occasionally also in Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA (for car clinics, fly-outs of German respondents).
Upon request I can name you quite a few international market researchers who will tell you what they think of my work.
You may also call me in person in order to get an impromptu impression of the quality of my English pronunciation, sentence intonation, emotional load, etc.